Friday, October 21, 2011

The Power of Outlands: Halaani Whiskey, Energizing Spores, and Charged Crystal Foci

If you're looking for some serious buffs for your free to play character, you've probably spent some time looking around at WoWHead for small things that Blizzard may have slipped in without a level requirement. I've already went over the 2 types of Parachutes that you can get in a previous post, and this post is dedicated to 2 specific overpowered items and a buff that Outlands provides. Neither of these are easy or reasonable for the average player (save for the first), and I highly recommend saving them for something important, but if you need to go all out, here's your fix.

By now, every "veteran" twink knows about Haalani Whiskey, but in case you don't, here's how to get it. Free characters can get ported to Shattrath, and I recommend that everyone get their Hearthstone set to the Shatt inn. From there, even if you've been collecting FPs, you'll realize that you cannot get any FPs in Nagrand. Get ready to trek on foot out to Haala. If your faction currently controls Haala, there is a vendor there that will sell you the Whiskey, 3 of them at a time, for 1g60s. Use it wisely, as you can't stock up, and you need to go back there each time you need more.

These might give you quite a bit of trouble.

In Zangermarsh, you're going to find a ton of Sporebats. There's a little trick most people don't know. You can easily take these guys down with a group, and when he gets below 5%, he will use an AoE ability that increases all stats by 30 for 5 minutes! It's called Energizing Spores. All you have to do is be in melee range around 5% and wait for the buff, then take him out. It helps if you queue right before attempting this, and then begin right away. This helps make the most out of those 5 minutes. Very helpful with a group if you guys are PuGging WSG.

These guys are nasty.

Aether Rays are nasty little things. But with them, and the help of some high level characters to summon you to Ogri'la, you can gather up enough Apexis Shards and Crystal Foci to make your time spent worth it. Combining 10 Shards and a Crystal Focus will give you, for almost every situation, a one-click, off GCD HEAL TO FULL, known as a Charged Crystal Focus. While you're out there you should farm quite a few, but when you're doing some serious Warsong Gulch, these can be invaluable. Just be prepared to spend quite a bit of time out in Blades Edge getting yourself these. Aether Rays aren't the only things out there that drop these, but they're easily found and one of the best sources of these drops.

Good luck, and happy PvPing!

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  1. You cant get any fps straight to Halaa, but what prevents you from picking up one of the other fps from your faction base respectively? Both Garadar and Telaar have flight masters that offer flight paths:

    The factions for each are Exodar and Thrallmar, respectively, so they do not require any BC reputation farming before they are usable.

  2. You start off as Unfriendly with both of the factions and flight masters, and therefor cannot pick up ANY Flight Paths in Nagrand, sadly.

  3. No point in reading this blog if you are going to post inaccurate info...

    I just got the Telaar fp on my f2p, because, as I linked, the npc is of the Exodar faction. The same is true for hordeside, the fp IS obtainable

  4. I had tested Garadar horde side and was unable to pick up the flight path. If this has changed please let me know, I have tried this on my F2P during Hallow's End.