Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2500 Pageviews this month so far! Loot card giveaway!


This morning the blog hit a new record for monthly views. Beating the August record of just over 1,000 views, we've reached over 2,500 views for the month, getting as high as 250 views a day for 2 days of this month! In celebration, I'll be giving away two TCG loot codes. 

Before I announce the contest entry information, I'd like to thank Twink Info for being the best twink information site on the net, and if you haven't checked them out you really should, you'll need an account there to enter the contest. I can easily credit them for a lot of my twink knowledge and for keeping me hooked on twinking. I now blog there as well, and my username there is iaccidentallytwink. You might have seen me around. 

Now, onto the loot cards I'm giving away:

Paint Bomb x 100 - Covers an enemy in paint.

Paper Airplane Kit -  Right click to build a paper gyrocopter.

To enter, follow this blog with your google account, and post a comment in this article with the following:

Your Twink Info username (must have at least 20 posts).
One thing you like about the blog.
One thing you dislike about the blog.
Your favorite article.
Your least favorite article.

If you do not enter the contest correctly your entry will not be considered. Be sure to spread the word about the blog, and good luck! 

The night of Halloween, I will announce the winners of the giveaway here, and I will PM them on Twink Info telling them they're won and giving them the loot code. I will choose two from all eligible entries from random. Good luck, and thank you for making this blog a wonderful place for free to play twink information!


  1. Shft
    I liek the posts about the special "buffs" and extras we can attain. I disliek the background, its icky. My favorite article is the one about the super kewl Vend-o-tron and my least favorite is the one where u brag about getting the Hallowed title before meh :P

    Don't give up on your smexy blog, i liek protips

  2. Immahbon
    I like how the blog is simple and easy to use and offers useful information.
    I Dislike the background too, its too plain.
    My favorite article is Operation Godfrey - Can F2Ps hit 21? Cause I see you have spent some time on calculating that stuff and I would really like to see that be possible.
    Least favorite article prolly Colossal Parachute, Goblin Surveyor Jr. Grade, Arathi Basin travel tips Because of the Goblin Surveyor! I saw couple times in BG 5 hordes with them. It makes me jelly :(
    Keep up the good work tho!

  3. Oh well now you change the background then :P

  4. I'm currently working on a new background, it'll be up by tonight.

  5. Hey Thirk!

    I guess you already know my name but incase: Hiidden

    I really appreciate your work into this blog and it seems you are the only one left that's active enough to follow =) You are also a very original writer which is good in the competition with other blogs and twinkinfo guides/threads. Such as necessary guides and stuff that most of the people didn't know.

    Also the contest is awesome aswell and encourage even more players (like me) to post a comment which is a smart move to get more and more followers :P

    What can I dislike about this blog? Well atleast you could do the design and layout better but in a comment above you already said you will fix that in the future which is nice. Otherwise all the guides seems interesting for me and probably others.

    Although I have a request and an idea for your blog. You should do an interview with known F2P players and ask them how they came into F2P twinking, what do they think about this and that etc... Would be a really fun read =)

    Ugh, the last two following questions was a really hard choice for me after all the good articles you've made:

    My favorite one is probably "Operation Godfrey - Can F2Ps hit 21?" because I thought about it aswell before you posted it. It was really awesome read from another persons perspective of idea. We should really try it out later on! =)

    My least favorite one... Damn you make it hard for me! ... is probably "Professions, Disengage is your friend, anti-Hunter pets, and Horde sucks less". Mainly cause you didn't write something in a month after that post and made me feel uncomfortable with it and thought you left writing.


    Keep up the good work and already looking forward to more and how this contest is going to work out! =)

  6. • Your Twink Info username (must have at least 20 posts).
    - Lindenkron
    • One thing you like about the blog.
    The actual articles written in the blogs are both exciting and fascinatingly well written.
    • One thing you dislike about the blog.
    The design. It's one of the standard ones, I dislike the colours, the width of the page the looks and everything that goes a long with it. Makes it look dull, uncreative and does not match the level of well written blogs there are on this site.
    • Your favorite article.
    I enjoy reading about actual specific information in-game, on the site. So one of my favourite ones were probably the ones that described the different pets and their abilities - which was some of the earlier work.
    • Your least favorite article.
    This one, haha. About the 2000 views. It's obvious why it's here - but it's not gaming related and therefore of least interest / least favourite.

    Congrats on the views,
    Best regards,

  7. Twink Info Username: jananders93

    Like about the blog: It's very informative and i often find things here that interest me :D

    Dislike About the blog: Not much. It can be a little while between the posts, but i understand that you probably have other things to do :)

    Favourite article: The one about Operation Godfrey, because it is an interresting idea and i found it very interresting to read :3

    Least favourite article: The one About the Goblin Surveyor jr. because i'm alliance and cant get it :(

    Keep up the good work! ^^,

  8. Hey Thirk! I wanted to sum it up to this post when I got a error submitting it before. It was probably too long aswell :P

    • Your Twink Info username (must have at least 20 posts).
    • One thing you like about the blog.
    Well, if I need to choose one thing I like about the blog it's probably the amount of effort to put into this blog. It's really useful information and fun read and I really appreciate it.
    Also you I love that you stay stable even at bad times, it seems like you are the only good F2P blog out there at the moment. This giveaways are a smart move by you, encourage people to make comments (like me). Keep up the good work promoting your blog by posting on TI and making events/giveaways =)
    • One thing you dislike about the blog.
    Not much to say here cause I like the most of it but if I need to pick one thing it would probably be the design, basic layout and you could really use more of the website rather than 1/3 of it =), but as you said above you will fix it in near future which I look forward to see :P
    • Your favorite article.
    "Operation Godfrey - Can F2Ps hit 21?" by far, made me think really hard and other possibilites with F2P twinking, what if we could even get to lvl 22. How awesome would that be? The discussion were on twinkinfo aswell and I think you got really promoted there and maybe one of your most successful post here. Looking forward to other awesome posts like that =)
    • Your least favorite article.
    Tough choice but I would say "Professions, Disengage is your friend, anti-Hunter pets, and Horde sucks less" cause after that post you went inactive and somehow the post got cursed by that, I thought like "Dammit where did ya go?" =).

    Also I have a request/idea for you... It would be really cool if you interviewed one or more F2P Twinks out there (maybe like one alliance and one horde so you get both point of views) about how they feel about the bracket right now and how they did join the bracket, future plans. Also if someone quits you can bring that up and talk some last words with him.

    Keep up the good work Thirk! =)

  9. (I wrote up a longer comment this morning but it got lost as I was trying to log in to blogger.)

    Kincaide / Ciroe

    I really liked the Arathi Basin tips, especially the paths for navigating the crates. My experience with AB is from many years ago and I hadn't had a chance to learn the things that you showed, so you made my last AB CtA much better!

    I'm not a fan of the background either, but I'm even less of a fan of Shft saying "liek"! But you can't do much about him. :)

    I guess I mentioned my favorite article already (the AB tips) so let me find something else I like about the blog. I like the fact that your links actually have the WoWhead mouseover. TwinkInfo doesn't (or didn't last time I checked.)

    Least favorite article, if I had to choose one, would probably be the one where you encourage people to not roll Alliance! Although to be honest I do understand your point of view on that. I had to find something I didn't like.

    My original post was much more witty and eloquent. My loss is your... loss, I guess. Take care!