Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2500 Pageviews this month so far! Loot card giveaway!


This morning the blog hit a new record for monthly views. Beating the August record of just over 1,000 views, we've reached over 2,500 views for the month, getting as high as 250 views a day for 2 days of this month! In celebration, I'll be giving away two TCG loot codes. 

Before I announce the contest entry information, I'd like to thank Twink Info for being the best twink information site on the net, and if you haven't checked them out you really should, you'll need an account there to enter the contest. I can easily credit them for a lot of my twink knowledge and for keeping me hooked on twinking. I now blog there as well, and my username there is iaccidentallytwink. You might have seen me around. 

Now, onto the loot cards I'm giving away:

Paint Bomb x 100 - Covers an enemy in paint.

Paper Airplane Kit -  Right click to build a paper gyrocopter.

To enter, follow this blog with your google account, and post a comment in this article with the following:

Your Twink Info username (must have at least 20 posts).
One thing you like about the blog.
One thing you dislike about the blog.
Your favorite article.
Your least favorite article.

If you do not enter the contest correctly your entry will not be considered. Be sure to spread the word about the blog, and good luck! 

The night of Halloween, I will announce the winners of the giveaway here, and I will PM them on Twink Info telling them they're won and giving them the loot code. I will choose two from all eligible entries from random. Good luck, and thank you for making this blog a wonderful place for free to play twink information!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Power of Outlands: Halaani Whiskey, Energizing Spores, and Charged Crystal Foci

If you're looking for some serious buffs for your free to play character, you've probably spent some time looking around at WoWHead for small things that Blizzard may have slipped in without a level requirement. I've already went over the 2 types of Parachutes that you can get in a previous post, and this post is dedicated to 2 specific overpowered items and a buff that Outlands provides. Neither of these are easy or reasonable for the average player (save for the first), and I highly recommend saving them for something important, but if you need to go all out, here's your fix.

By now, every "veteran" twink knows about Haalani Whiskey, but in case you don't, here's how to get it. Free characters can get ported to Shattrath, and I recommend that everyone get their Hearthstone set to the Shatt inn. From there, even if you've been collecting FPs, you'll realize that you cannot get any FPs in Nagrand. Get ready to trek on foot out to Haala. If your faction currently controls Haala, there is a vendor there that will sell you the Whiskey, 3 of them at a time, for 1g60s. Use it wisely, as you can't stock up, and you need to go back there each time you need more.

These might give you quite a bit of trouble.

In Zangermarsh, you're going to find a ton of Sporebats. There's a little trick most people don't know. You can easily take these guys down with a group, and when he gets below 5%, he will use an AoE ability that increases all stats by 30 for 5 minutes! It's called Energizing Spores. All you have to do is be in melee range around 5% and wait for the buff, then take him out. It helps if you queue right before attempting this, and then begin right away. This helps make the most out of those 5 minutes. Very helpful with a group if you guys are PuGging WSG.

These guys are nasty.

Aether Rays are nasty little things. But with them, and the help of some high level characters to summon you to Ogri'la, you can gather up enough Apexis Shards and Crystal Foci to make your time spent worth it. Combining 10 Shards and a Crystal Focus will give you, for almost every situation, a one-click, off GCD HEAL TO FULL, known as a Charged Crystal Focus. While you're out there you should farm quite a few, but when you're doing some serious Warsong Gulch, these can be invaluable. Just be prepared to spend quite a bit of time out in Blades Edge getting yourself these. Aether Rays aren't the only things out there that drop these, but they're easily found and one of the best sources of these drops.

Good luck, and happy PvPing!

You come get da Voodoo,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

YOU can be 'the Hallowed' too!

Thirk the Hallowed, World First F2P and 20.

On the first day of Hallows End I became the first 20 and first Free to Play twink with the Hallowed title, beating another P2P player by 20 minutes for the title of first level 20 'the Hallowed'. Now that the event is in full swing, I might as well discuss the meta itself. The meta took me about 11 hours total, about 3 of which was 2 HH kills, and most of the rest going around Azerothian and Outlandian inns without having most flight paths.

The meta itself is easy and nearly soloable.

Every part of the achievement can be done completely solo except for "Bring Me The Head of... Oh Wait" and "The Masquerade". Trick or Treat and related achievements are all done by going around inns and completing the Candy Bucket quests. If you don't already have most of the Azerothian Flight Paths, you will after going around for the achievements. "That Sparking Smile" and "Sinister Calling", you should get by the time you're done going around Azeroth. Out with it is done by simply eating the Tricky Treats until you get the achievements. "Rotten Hollow" and "Savior of Hallow's End" is done by completing the 5 dailies for the first time. "G.N.E.R.D. Rage" is done by getting 10 HKs while under the effect of G.N.E.R.D.s, and The Masquerade should be done nearly last with someone else as you guys trade wand uses.

Killing the Headless Horseman is simple. Have some 85s queue up, then the 85 from your realm takes lead and kicks someone, then invites you in before the event begins.

This one might take you up to 3 days to complete.

Check your head, if you're lucky, will take 1 day with 1 Headless Horseman kill. If you're lucky enough to receive 5 pumpkins from killing him, and 5 from the Crudely Wrapped Gift (as I did both times), doing the 2 dailies that award one pumpkin each will give you the 12 needed for this achievement. If you get extremely unlucky and receive 3 pumpkins both times, unless you get another HH kill in you're going to be waiting up to 2 extra days. By now, it's third day, about 5 Free to Play characters have the title on Aerie Peak.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Operation Godfrey - Can F2Ps hit 21?

Posted Image
It all started here. Can an F2P go from 19 to 21 in one go? The question made my mind run wild immediately. I knew that even if it would be a waste and I'd stop 1 XP from 21 I would give it a shot. This myth must be solved. And I WILL be the one to do it.
At least 16601 XP is needed to go from 19 to 21 in one go. 3050 XP is given by the random dungeon finder. Refer a Friend adds +300% XP, Heirlooms add +20% XP, and a 5 man group adds a +40% XP bonus. Totals out to +360% XP. I have verified that they do all indeed stack.
4612 XP * 3.60 = 16603 XP. Completing a random dungeon at 19 gives 3050 XP. That leaves us 1562* XP to clear. I tested 2 20s 2-manning Mutanus the Devourer (level 20 boss). That gave me 1045 XP. Getting there, but not quite.

XP awarded goes up if the AVERAGE level of your group is lower. The lowest level to enter SFK is 11. I've come up with the absolute ideal setup for this mission.

3 level 11 characters. Any will do, 1 must be a P2P.
The level 15 P2P that is Referring the trial.
The level 17 - 22 P2P that will be forming the group in the dungeon.
The level 19 F2P that is going to *hopefully* hit 21, must have Shoulder and Chest heirlooms.
The high level toon that will clear up to the boss while the others are zoned out.

The scenario will set up like this;
The 19 F2P will group up with the 17 - 22 P2P. Once inside, the rest of the group is kicked. The P2P invites the high level to clear the dungeon up to Godfrey. Once cleared, the high level leaves the party. The P2P invites the P2P level 11 and leaves, that toon then invites the other 2 level 11s, and the 15 P2P RaF partner.
This forms the ideal group of a level 19 with his RaF partner in range for receiving the RaF XP bonus, as well as the level 11s to lower the average level of the group.

(19 + 15 + (3*11))/5 = 13.4 is the average level of the group.
This puts the XP multiple at the highest possible point. 1562* XP (or 2138 XP) is all that the 19 needs to be awarded in order to make the jump from 19 to 21 in one fell swoop.

What can you do to help?
Create a level 11, or offer to be the 17 - 22 P2P that will help shape the perfect scenario. I have none of the 3 level 11s I need. I also require a level 15 to test this theory. I have a level 20 with XP-on for testing with 3 level 11s, and the 15. If the level 20 can get 1562* XP from Godfrey, the level 19 will be all set. Test runs will be taking place within the next few days, and if we can get far enough over the 1562* XP mark the +20% from heirlooms may not be required (and this will remove tons of hours of farming for gold and then honor).

*Full group XP bonus is not yet fully tested. If this fails the plan will go ahead without the +40% XP bonus, changing the calculations slightly. 5188 XP * 3.20 = 16601 XP. Leaving 2138 XP to clear instead of 1562 XP.

I have a level 19 Free-to-Play Warrior ready if the test runs go as planned.

So what do you say? Interested in making twink history? Let me know.

also posted on Twinkinfo here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Colossal Parachute, Goblin Surveyor Jr. Grade, Arathi Basin travel tips

Sitting atop one of the Twin Colossals in Feralas is Kalin Windflight. He sells a particularly interesting item for 20 twinks, especially Hunters. Colossal Parachute, costing 20 silver, is the only no requirement Slow Fall for any level, is one of the more interesting situational items.

Unfortunately, this item has some restrictions. First, in order to even get to the vendor and buy it, you must be summoned, or flown up there on a multi-person flying mount, because as of Cataclysm the teleport NPC that used to port anyone up there no longer does so. Second, the item is Bind on Pickup and Unique, so you will only have one at a time. Third, the item has a time of 20 minutes on it, so I suggest queuing for WSG at the top and buying the parachute when the queue popped.

Alternatively, there's a parachute inside chests in Gnomeregan. Sharing most of the same restrictions minus the 20 minutes duration tag and requiring level 19, these might be easier to obtain for players who are completely solo, or people who want to have 2 for a battleground (assuming they can get summoned to the peak). Thanks Karazelle from Twinkinfo, for the tip.

This item, combined with Swiftness Potion, will provide very interesting launches with the flag off of the tunnel roof on either side. Be sure to use this in clutch situations and not waste it early, just remember it will disappear when your WSG timer hits about 5 minutes. This item becomes even more interesting for hunters that can Speed off the tunnel roof, disengage and then parachute all the way past mid.

I'll have a video up soon. Oh, and there's a rare spawn there once every few hours, so be prepared to take out Diamond Head when he spawns.

If you need your Slow Fall, this is your guy.

Next up on the bag of tricks is the Goblin Surveyor Jr. Grade, which by now is a rather well known combat NPC that Horde has access to. This gal is accessible after doing the chain of quests at the Rocketway point closest to Orgrimmar, just MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE QUEST once you obtain the Surveyor's Beacon! Not that to get the quest you have to do most of the quests in the small hub where you get the quest, so don't get scared when you can't pickup the quest.

This is Horde only, so Alliance toons are unfortunately out of luck. She'll act as a pet (Hunters and Warlocks can still have their pets/minions out) and do small damage, but it will be helpful for keeping people out of stealth, and apparently she even follows enemies into stealth, as well as pushback enemy casters.

Free damage and stealth tracking!

Arathi Basin weekend is coming up, so get ready to farm some honor. And with that, here are some tips on quick mount travel from either side of BS into BS using the tiny spawned boxes. You're going to have to practice this to get from one side to the other easily without falling into the water. Even if you do fall after a box or two, it's still faster than swimming or going around. The images should be self explanatory.


Stay away from the voodoo,