Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Professions, Disengage is your friend, anti-Hunter pets, and Horde sucks less

I think I've settled on my final professions after going through my permanent enchantments. I've got my Medium Armor Kits on everything, but neglected to save any. I do have tons of scrolls in case I get some new gear pieces, and I'm currently Engineering so I can craft a new scope if anything.

Mining past 75 is essentially useless for F2P twinks, so I don't bother.

As far as Secondary Professions go, First Aid can be leveled to 225, it does NOT stop at 100, despite what it says. You can continue leveling it up. Expect problems once you get past Wool because there is a large amount of annoying farming with high level help required. I'm still on Wool and won't be capped out at 225 for quite a while. They're also changed Heavy Runecloth Bandages to trainer taught so you can get those right away as well, which is nice. Oh, and Cooking is Cooking.

Farming for cloth is the biggest pain out of all this.

Whillow made this GREAT post with tips on Twink Info for baddie hunters. I'm going to mainly focus on Disengage and Scatter Shot here. Please remember that Disengage is similar to a Mage's Blink, only slightly more difficult to use and in some cases actually better. You can and absolutely should use it to catch up to enemies. I bound my disengage to S. If you still back peddle by accident I REALLY advice binding it to S, you will stop accidentally hitting S extremely quickly. I can aim my disengage mid-air 8/10 times and land where I want to. I also recently switched to an old trackball mouse and I am LOVING how much easier it is to move around in PvP.

Off the roof and straight into mid!

Scatter Shot is one of the best interrupts you can have, and is your main interrupt as a hunter. Please do not waste it to pull extra DPS unless you're sure you will not need any interrupts for the next 30 seconds.

Scorpids and Birds of Prey are both the biggest anti-hunter pets in game, with a Disarm that will make Hunters unable to do anything but desperately hug you hoping you don't absolutely destroy them in the 10 seconds they can't do anything. Rolling a Hunter to kill OP Hunters. A bit ironic, eh? I need to get me a Bird of Prey. An anti-Physical pet to compliment my anti-Caster pet.

Horde is no longer losing every WSG game ever. My ratio has soared up drastically in the past 2 or 3 days, adding about 30 games onto my tally and my ratio has gone from about 30% win to 40%. This means that the extra 30 games had to be 75% wins, so Horde is definitely improving now.

Here's to hoping the trend continues!

Thrall Hall!,
~ Thirk