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Free to Play FAQ and Information

Where do I get heirlooms? How do I get Justice Points?
Probably the most common question asked is, where are heirlooms obtained? A lot of people seem to assume that they aren't even available for Starter Accounts, but that isn't true. All of these heirlooms are obtainable through Honor gained from battlegrounds.

For the heirlooms requiring Justice Points, you can convert Honor to Justice Points at a 375:250 ratio from theHorde or Alliance vendors. Cloak and Helm heirlooms are not available to Starter Accounts.

How do I get bags? What kind of bags can I get?
Aside from dropped bags, reputation satchels are available if you hit revered with your home factions by doing dungeons with these tabards equipped. This bag is also easily obtainable 1 week per month. These will fill all your slots and obtainable bank slots.

Both factions can attempt to obtain this bag, which can drop from the Gurubashi Arena chest.

What titles are obtainable? How do I get Ambassador?
The most common title you will see Starter Accounts running around with is Ambassador. This is easily obtained (but will take quite a while) by running dungeons with these tabards equipped.

Apart from Ambassador, almost all titles obtainable at level 1 are obtainable for Starter Accounts (the exception being 'the Explorer', as Starter Accounts cannot access Northrend and cannot complete the achievement). This includes the following titles:
'the Noble',
'the Diplomat',
'of the Horde',
'the Bloodthirsty',
'Guardian of Cenarius' ,
'the Hallowed' - This title was only available for a short time and is now grandfathered.

What primary professions can I get? What secondary professions can I get?
All primary professions are available up to 100 skill. Enchanting and Leatherworking are staples for gearing your character, as they provide the only available enchantments.

All secondary professions, with the exception of Archaeology, are available, with Cooking and Fishing obtainable up to 525 skill, and First Aid up to 225 skill. This enables us to make and use Mageweave Bandages.

How do I get enchantments for my gear? How do I get armor kits?
The only way to obtain enchantments is to level Enchanting and Leatherworking yourself and provide yourself with enchants. These enchantments are available for Starter Accounts from Enchanting, and these armor kits are available from Leatherworking. Blood Elves also have access to these additional enchantments because of their racial ability.

What is the Lucky Fishing Hat? How do I get it?
You can find that information and more here.

What is the Arena Grand Master? How do I get it?
You can find that information and more here.

What about the characters running around with Bind on Equip items?
Bind on Equip items need to be obtained on the character you wish to use them on. With the launch of Cataclysm, there are now chests spawned out in the world with guaranteed rare loot. The most useful one for Starter Accounts is the Sturdy Treasure Chest, which is found in Ashenvale (among other areas), and can contain very useful rares. There are also zone drops that need to be farmed for.

What type of vanity can I collect? What type of vanity is popular?
The most common vanity for Starter Accounts seems to be the Darkmoon Faire items, the Swift Lovebird(obtainable only during Love is in the Air), the Swift Springstrider (obtainable only during Noblegarden), the Sea Turtle (which can only be fished up in Cataclysm zones (and Darkmoon Island)), and the many obtainable dropped pets. This pirate hat is also common.

What's grandfathered?
Luckily, this bracket has the least grandfathering done of any others. The only 'effective' grandfathering in the bracket is 'the Hallowed' title, as shortly after the event an achievement was made no longer obtainable for Starter Accounts or any character under level 83. However, paid accounts and players who obtained grandfathered gear on old Trials may have a small collection of gear that is not available anymore. It's effect on this bracket, however, is less than minimal, and most of the gear is vanity.

How do I chat with others and find other Free to Play twinks?
Most F2P players are using F2PAddon to talk to each other and create groups or queue together. The designated realm for this addon is Aerie Peak, but it is taking off on other realms as well (please read through the forum and the sticky for this addon for more information).

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