Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hotfixes November 27 - December 5, Transmogrification News, and F2P Death Knights

Since 5.1 there have been a couple of hotfixes already applied to realms, some of which effect Free to Play characters. It's not much, but hunters have been decently buffed.

  • Players are now correctly affected by silencing effects.

  • Aspect of the Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 15% (up from 10%).
  • Disengage now properly removes root effects when used with the talent Posthaste.
  • Serpent Sting's damage has been increased by 100%, and it's focus cost is now 15 (down from 25).
  • Holy Wrath now correctly benefits from Attack Power and Spell Power.
In addition, according to Zarhym, we should soon be able to transmog Main Hand/Off-hand weapons into One-handers, and vice versa. Personally looking forward to this change myself, as it opens up a couple of new options.

Last up, we've got something that's been making the rounds recently for Free to Play characters: Death Knights! That's right, someone has discovered a way for Free to Play characters to create Death Knights, which opens up quite a few possibilities. Creating one is quite simple.
  1. Switch to the realm Nemesis. If you are US, this is in the Brazil or Latin America tab. If you are EU, I believe it is an Italian realm.
  2. Create a Death Knight there. It will allow you to do so regardless of your highest character being 20.
  3. Delete the Death Knight. You can now create a Death Knight on any realm!

However, there is a strict limitation on them. You can ONLY use them "once". After logging into your Death Knight, if you log out, get disconnected, or otherwise exit out of the game, you will be completely unable to access that character again. You will be presented with a character locked error upon attempting to log in past the first time. This means that all those new achievements that are now possible with your brand new Death Knight, will have to be done in a single sitting, or in a way that you do not ever leave the game after making your character. 

May your blades never dull,

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